STREC and partners during a sensitisation meeting with the EACOP affected communities in Mubende
Oil activities threatening elephants in their natural habitants at Murchison Falls Natural Park
STREC and Partners in a group photo after a sensitisation meeting with Bugoma forest host communities in Kikuube District
Chimpanzee’s in their natural habitants in Bugoma Forest. They are being threatened by the Sugarcane growing

Strategic Response on Environmental Conservation (STREC) is a youth led community-based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the sustainable management of the environment and natural resources in Uganda.
We started in 2018 as University environment group to protect Bugoma Central Forest Reserve from destruction for sugarcane plantation. In 2020, we registered with the National NGO Bureau as not for profit organization. STREC monitors government actions, conducts research, provides educational materials, develops science-based strategies, organizes affected communities, rallies other civil society organizations and international organizations to common causes, and engages government officials at all levels to ensure that natural resources are utilised in a way that leads to equitable development, environmental conservation and respect for human rights.

Our Programs

Ecosystems Restoration & Management

The programme recognizes that Ecosystems in Uganda are increasingly being threatened by various human activities...

Human & community natural resource rights

The program appreciates the development of East Africa’s extractive sector which has attracted massive land acquisitions...

Renewable energy & Climate change adaptation

The programme appreciates that currently two out of every three Africans are leaving without access to modern and reliable....

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Oil is Death

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Change in Climate patterns

Ministry of energy must address deforestation. UBOS’ Uganda National Household Survey...

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