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The development of East Africa’s extractive sector has attracted massive land acquisitions for the establishment of key infrastructure projects such as airports, roads, pipelines, refineries among others.
As a result, the sector is characterized by high incidences of land conflicts, disruption and loss of livelihoods, interruption of social cohesion among others. This has increased the vulnerability of communities whose ultimate survival majorly depends on land and land-based resources. Under this program, STREC builds capacities of communities affected directly or indirectly by extractives sector to promote and protect their human and resource rights. STREC bridges the gap between host communities and duty bearers, and facilitates discussions that promote respect for human and community resource rights.
The programme appreciates that currently two out of every three Africans are leaving without access to modern and reliable energy services. This energy poverty is holding the continent back. It is essential that Africa is helped to harness its vast renewable energy potential and ensure its rise from poverty is powered by solar, wind and other renewables.
STREC strongly believes Africa needs to urgently embassy the transition from dirty to clean, sustainable energy. The objective of the programme is to contribute towards increased access to modern, affordable and reliable energy services, energy security and mitigation of negative externalities of the energy system, local pollution and GHG emissions by creating an enabling environment for renewable energy and energy efficiency markets and investments.
The program recognizes that climate change is the most significant environmental challenge of our time and poses serious threats to sustainable development in the world.
The climate crisis is becoming more frequent and severe. Rainfall patterns are more unpredictable and water levels are rising. These changes threaten the ecosystems, food security, loss of lives and livelihoods of people particularly the poorest and most vulnerable, they also pose a major impediment to economic and social development. It’s important for a country to incorporate climate resilience strategies into development plans. STREC continues to extend support to our country on climate change adaptation, leading towards the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

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