Renewable Energy & Climate Change Adaptation

The programme appreciates that currently two out of every three Africans are leaving without access to modern and reliable energy services. This energy poverty is holding the continent back.  It is essential that Africa is helped to harness its vast renewable energy potential and ensure its rise from poverty is powered by solar, wind and other renewables.  

Like other developing countries, Uganda is facing the wrath of climate change. The climate crisis is becoming more frequent and severe. Rainfall patterns are more unpredictable and water levels are rising. These changes threaten the ecosystems, food security, loss of lives and livelihoods of people particularly the poorest and most vulnerable, they also pose a major impediment to economic and social development. It’s important for country to incorporate climate resilience strategies into development plans. 

STREC strongly believe that transformation of the Uganda’s energy system and minimize impacts of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions requires engagement at all levels of society – from communities, regions and governments to numerous other stakeholders across the public and private sectors.